Marriage Proposal Countdown

Watch as this guy spends 365 days proposing to his girlfriend – without her even realising!

Did you watch the whole thing?

You certainly can’t fault this guy’s effort – but if you’re being honest, you have to admit that it’s a pretty long video. Here are 3 simple ways that he could have got his loving message across quicker:

  • Speed up the beginning – it’s 1.17 before we get to the start of the proposal. I know it’s all about setting the scene here, but that could still be done with some fast-mo added in.
  • Fading the tracks together – there are 3 music tracks used in this video, and a good 5-10 secs is wasted between each where one track fades out, pause, then the next one fades in.
  • Changing the last song – the whole tone of the video changes when this last track (Best Thing by Anthem Lights) begins to play, and it’s a very sudden jump from Happy.

As for the ending – the whole video is building up to this amazing proposal, but you never actually get to hear it. There’s almost a full minute of near silence where we’re watching from a far as the proposal takes place!





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