Which of these funny tennis moments is your favourite?

funny tennis moments - andy murray

Are you #TeamNovak or #TeamAndy?

There have been lots of funny tennis moments in the past few years – and some players have become known for their hilarious antics on the court, while others… have not. Andy Murray and Novak Djokavic are two incredible players – but while one is a proper comedian, the other should stick to playing tennis. Don’t believe it? Watch the above video and let us know your thoughts!

Do you think tennis players need to create funny tennis moments?

There’s a strong camp that expect nothing from their tennis heroes but consistent aces and epic volleys. A tennis player doesn’t need a personality as long as they keep winning competitions. On the other hand, many tennis viewers expect their sports stars to be solid entertainers as well – they should have a sense of humour just as strong as their backhand.

What do you think?

So which camp are you in? The #TeamAndy camp that argues players should just focus on playing, and leave the joking to the professional comedians. Or do you belong to #TeamNovak – arguing that the best sports stars should have great chat as well?

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