If You’re A Small Entrepreneur You Need Video Now

small entrepreneur

Why is video the most important marketing tool of today?

There’s one secret trick that every small entrepreneur should know in order to boost their business. No, it’s not something overly challenging or academic, but something as simple as utilising the beauty of a powerful online video editor.

The world is consuming video more than ever before. Rachel Payne, CEO of FEM Inc, has conducted important research that delivers surprising results about our daily internet habits: ‘people spend more time on digital video (1 hour 55 minutes) than social media (1 hour 44 minutes)’. The time is right to engage with video.

How can video help me as a small entrepreneur?

A video on your site or social media enables a potential customer to feel a stronger, more unique connection with your business – a reaction that, perhaps, written advertising is no longer able to achieve. The visual stimulation, as well as audio, can provide the customer with an engaging and compelling experience, which is seen to increase conversions significantly.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then that makes a video worth a few hundred thousand, or even millions, right?

Using video effectively can also increase your web traffic and SEO ranking. Videos are more likely to be shared than text, in part, due to how easily and enthusiastically we share them with one another. If your video is engaging, presents a positive vision of your brand and features a strong call-to-action, consumers are very likely to seek you out online and follow your business there.

Who might see my online video?

There is a grand scope of possibilities within the world of online video. If a small entrepreneur wishes to be discovered by certain communities, following the right people can help. If you want to appeal them, having a video depicting the products/services you offer, or even yourself, is a good idea. Let people know about your brilliant ideas and demonstrate how great they are!

Video marketing also opens up the opportunity to address huge eclectic audiences. YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine and it processes over 3 billion searches each month. It is transforming the way that we discover information via the web. YouTube has over one billion users and many millions of hours of videos; Facebook video, also, now receives a daily audience of eight billion. In a world where 90% of internet traffic will be driven from video by 2019, your business needs to be discoverable via video.

But where to begin? Online Video Editor offers a cloud-based online video editor that is simple and fun to use. It’s perfect for first-time editors and you can add the music you love and use all sorts of effects to enhance your video. Why not give it a go today and join the video revolution!