Why Every Professional Wedding Planner Needs A Video


wedding planner video

Score more clients with a simple video on your site

A couple’s wedding day is likely to be one of the most special in their lives, and choosing to go with a wedding planner to ensure the day runs smoothly can often be a tough task. Competition is fierce, so using an online video editor to advertise your services can be crucial in giving you every advantage possible over other wedding planners.

You, the professional wedding planner, may be able to bring dreams to life but can a couple really trust you to handle their big day? Cut out the umming and ahhing and show people what you’re made of with a beautiful informative video.

Interact with consumers and present your business in your own way

For a wedding planner, having a video that really captures your business in a smooth and professional way not only helps represent your service more accurately (leading to greater customer satisfaction), but provides you with a fantastic platform to demonstrate your style and image to potential clients. A wedding planner video is the perfect opportunity to communicate how you like to do things to your target audience, as well as being as promotional in nature.

Interacting with potential clients on a video will also keep them engaged for longer. This improves your webpage’s SEO and gives your message more time to sink in. Additionally, a high-quality and well-made video will further demonstrate to a couple that your services will be reflective of those high standards. By it’s very nature, a wedding planner video suggests to viewers that you like to keep up with trends and technology, implying that their wedding day will be contemporary and exciting.

Your wedding planner video can improve your search engine optimisation significantly

Having a wedding planner video embedded on your website increases the possibility of your website being discovered. YouTube already processes more daily searches than other search engines such as Bing, Yahoo, AOL and Ask. Over four billion videos are viewed each day, meanwhile 92% of mobile video consumers admit to sharing videos with others on a daily basis. After watching a video, 64% of users are more likely to buy a product online, so the marketing opportunities really are there for your business.

Online Video Editor offers a simple online video editing platform in which songs, stickers and filters can be added to make your movie stand out and look slick. As a wedding planner, creating a professional video that inspires people is important to attracting clients, after all, a wedding day is one of joyous, special celebration. But don’t worry, Online Video Eidtor is simple to use and the files you upload are stored in the cloud, so you can edit your video anywhere on any device.