This is why your Travel Agency is Losing Customers

Travel AgencyWhere does the Travel Agency belong in the modern world?

In recent years, the average travel agency has seen massive competition from the internet. As a result, many travel agencies have lost out on customers. While travel agents continue to be a big part of the holiday industry, here is why your agency may be losing out on its share of the market.

The rise of the internet in the last couple of decades has been at the root of many problems for high-street businesses. In the travel sector, video-calling has reduced the need for companies to send employees across the world on expensive business trips. The cheap and simple Skype call has reduced the number of people travelling, which, in turn, cuts the clientele for your travel agency significantly.

Travel search engines continue to usurp agencies

The internet has also granted online-booking websites a platform to steal some of your agency’s customers. Many factors have contributed to the success of these websites – including the ability to search multiple agencies at once – but being able to book a trip without journeying to your local travel agency and price competition are often at the core of why consumers use these travel search engines.

Following the leading travel bloggers

If Expedia and Travel Supermarket weren’t enough to fret over, social media influencers and bloggers now attract important web traffic when users search for holidays. The decisions of these individuals are sometimes key to informing where consumers go to book their holidays. So always stay on their good side and try to appeal to the same demographic. To know more about being a travel blogger, and how to use video to your advantage, click to read our post.

Internet traffic is no longer being directed exclusively to travel agencies when a user searches “holiday”, and online booking sites and search engines are better value to PPC advertisers than agency sites. But it’s not all over! The future is video and the online video editor, can help. With research indicating that 90% of users find product videos helpful in the decision process, and 92% of consumers sharing videos with others, adding video to your site can help increase conversions significantly. For more information on product videos, check out this video.