Every Successful Hair Stylist Needs This One Skill

Hair Stylist

How can effective advertising transform your business?

There is one skill that any hair stylist should possess in order to have a rewarding career, and not every stylist has mastered it. But never fear! Here is how you can transform your hair styling career and avoid the pitfalls.

In recent years, thanks to fashion, hair has become a statement of style. What you wear on your head and how you style it are incredibly important to most of us across the globe. Some people use fashion-forward hair styles to attract attention – like celebrities on the red carpet at a movie premiere, or actors and musicians at awards nights. However, the average joe chooses his hair style simply as an expression of who he is. This is the basis on which hair stylists attract clients and run their business. But, without adequate advertising, you’re going nowhere honey.

Self Promotion is easy with video marketing

Hair stylists are not unlike celebrities who need to market themselves meticulously to stand out in the industry; self-promotion is vital due to the nature of the business. Most hair stylists tend to be self-employed or work in small groups, many find it arduous to promote a temporary product or treatment. But few know that the best way to promote yourself and your capabilities is to capture your work on camera and make a promotional video. Not only is this a great addition to your portfolio, but the video itself is a great asset to your marketing. Video sharing is more abundant than ever before. It is estimated that there were 270,000 different video posts that were shared across Youtube and Facebook in 2014 and this number grows year on year.

Your tool for easy online video editing

Online Video Editor allows you to upload files from any location on any device and these videos are stored in the cloud. You can then edit your movie from anywhere. Clever colour filters may be added, an ever-growing number of stickers are ready to be used, professional text can be placed in the video and you can choose which portion of which video files makes the cut – but these can be rearranged in any order.