How Facebook Upload Video Beats YouTube Links Every Time

Is linking to YouTube on Facebook killing your social media vibe?

If you’re a social media manager or content marketer, you’ll know the huge differences between sharing video on Facebook as a native upload, and as a link to YouTube. Huge differences.

Ever since Facebook renewed its focus on video in 2015 and enhanced the platform to allow for video sharing and deeper engagement, it has all but expelled YouTube from its network. From autoplay to embeddable video, Facebook upload video has become the best way to share video content on the platform.

With video having such powerful currency on the internet right now, and that currency set to grow exponentially over the next few years, these kind of innovations are so important to how we share content as consumers and professionals.

YouTube vs. Facebook: the battle for online video domination

While it’s true that content on YouTube tends to be more diverse and longer – and Facebook videos are viewed on average for 15 seconds only – the daily view count for Facebook upload video has soared to a whopping 8 billion as of 2016. This makes it a contender to YouTube’s 5 billion. (Note: Facebook counts an often incidental 3 seconds as a view).

While this is mainly due to Facebook’s autoplay function, it’s also an aesthetic issue. As we know, Google and Facebook are not exactly best buddies, and the appearance of a YouTube link posted on Facebook is less than impressive. The size of a Facebook upload video thumbnail is in fact 6 times larger than the thumbnail on a YouTube link – and that’s if it appears at all.

Anyone who uses Social Media Professionally uses Facebook Upload Video

So while Google and Facebook have it out, it is generally considered that time is better spent using the Facebook upload video option for generating engagement in your video content, as opposed to linking to YouTube. That is not to say that YouTube isn’t valuable to you and that you shouldn’t be using both, but to boost engagement and video sharing, especially on quick video content, always upload your video to Facebook.

And remember you can always use Captevate, the online video editor, to make amazing movies to share with your social media following. It’s easy to use and you can publish to Facebook directly.